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As a part of our Lead With Perspective™ line-up, we are kicking off our newest series Gender In Perspective™. This 3-part series will bring men and women together to move the needle on gender equity, improve communication and create high performing teams where men and women thrive!

Get ready to roll your sleeves up and dig in! This is a hands-on, interactive learning program. Participants of this program will LEARN, CONNECT and DO, leaving with a toolkit to enact change inside of their organizations and community!

Learning objectives of this course:

  • Raise self-awareness of behavior and hidden assumptions
  • Understand how blind spots form in our brains and impact our behaviors and perspectives
  • Change behavior to interrupt hidden bias situations and organizational processes susceptible to our blind spots
  • Increase organization inclusion by encouraging employees to build new associations
  • Improve innovation and performance of teams through enhanced communication and acceptance of other perspectives
  • Build high-performing teams where men and women both thrive

The value in diversity comes from understanding and embracing different perspectives. This program brings those perspectives together to enact real change.


  • Part 1 – 9/11/18 from 11am-1pm
  • Part 2 – 9/25/18 from 11am-1pm
  • Part 3 – 10/9/18 from 11am-1pm

The Gender In Perspective™ series brings men and women together in a safe space, without judgment, to improve communication and learn to work better together.