Gender In Perspective 2019-03-04T16:05:54-05:00

Build high-performance teams where both men and women thrive.

The value in diversity comes from understanding and embracing different perspectives.
This program brings those perspectives together to enact real change.
The Gender In Perspective™ series brings men and women together in a safe space,
without judgment, to improve communication and work together better.
If you’re struggling with how to fix the gender gap, we help.

Raise self-awareness of
behavior, blindspots, and
hidden biases.

Identify social mindbugs
and how they can impact
our beliefs.

Dive into
the male and
female lenses and how they
impact our day-to-day

Connect how in-group behavior
leads to inadvertent omission
and maintains the status quo
for the privileged.

Change behavior to interrupt
hidden bias situations and
organizational processes.

Increase organizational
inclusion and improve
innovation among teams
through communication and
acceptance of others’ views.

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