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People can be complex — learn how to decode them. When you’re able to see the hidden drivers people have, whether they’re prospects, clients, or employees, you’re able to understand how to influence and inspire them.

We train you on this new perspective, and then give you the tools to sell, communicate, hire, and lead better.

Make great hires.

Bad hires are expensive, plain and simple — just one costs you approximately 30% of the position’s annual salary. How do you move from hiring that’s “hit or miss” to putting the right people in roles they’ll flourish in?

Understand who makes a good fit.

When it comes to bringing on the right person it’s not just about their experience or interview skills, it’s vital to also make sure they fit the position, culture, and team. We help you define what behavioral patterns fit specific jobs and who is a good match.

Model, assess, and analyze.

Put a stop to bad hires. We help you create a job model for each position and understand the cognitive and behavioral requirements needed for someone to excel in it. Then we help you analyze applicants’ behavioral patterns and cognitive ability, so you get a science-based assessment of their drives and needs, what types of jobs they will excel at, and how best to manage and communicate with them.

Finally, we coach you and help you understand the key indicators that reveal how a person both interacts with and influences others, from colleagues to customers.

Inspire your team.

People drive your business forward, whether they’re customers or employees. When you partner with us, you learn how to better understand people and build your power of influence to inspire results.

Understand team dynamics.

We bring both analytics and awareness to the behavioral patterns and group dynamics of your teams. This empowers you as a leader to develop a deep understanding of how to use your team’s behavioral diversity to make it stronger.

Lead with influence.

When you understand each individual’s native personality traits, abilities, drives, and needs, you understand how to empower them to excel. Communicate with them better, play into their strengths, and create energized, more productive, and happier employees.

Identify–and grow–future leaders.

Through the same behavioral and cognitive assessments, identify the “IT” factors required for leadership at your organization, as well as who among your employees naturally fits these behavioral drives. From risk factors to communication and collaboration style, when you develop an understanding of what’s needed and who fits these needs, you’re able to better grow the next generation of leadership.

Boost sales.

If you’ve been wondering, why aren’t we selling more, are our salespeople the right fit — and do they have the necessary skills? — we can help. Here’s how we do it:

Quantify sales skills.

We bring in a toolset to assess your salespeople’s behavioral and cognitive index, as well as their selling skills. You gain quantifiable evidence of where your salespeople excel — and where they could improve.

Go beyond typical sales process training.

We use your salespeople’s assessments to build training that speaks to their strengths and weaknesses.

Build your salespeople’s power of influence.

When your salespeople understand what’s driving their prospects, they’re also able to understand their influence over them and their decision-making process.

Our tools

Our science-based assessments through our partner use proven methodologies to accurately assess workplace behavior and performance. Here’s how:

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