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About Amy

Being a great leader isn’t easy, and without ways to decode humans, it is nearly impossible!  Early in my career, I got results, no question about that, and I quickly became a go-to person for sinking ships. On paper, I achieved success, but it felt a bit like pushing a giant boulder up a slippery hill.  Instead of inspiring and empowering people, I was dragging them with me to our goals.  Every day, I was exhausted, and far too often, I, along with my team, were frustrated by miscommunication, misunderstanding and conflict.   After reading my 360s and realizing I was burning my people out, I thought, “there’s got to be a better way!”

Then, I discovered predictive workforce analytics, which shifted my perspective of people, and transformed the way I lead.  I learned to build my power of influence to inspire others, rather than simply directing them.

I realized that in order to get people to willingly follow me, I must tap into what makes them tick, how they will behave, what drives them, and how they think and learn.

I like to call this informed intuition! With this new perspective of my people, I learned how to boost sales, hire better, build teams that click, and inspire others.