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Meet the women behind the mission.

Dr. Lisa Parrott

Dr. Lisa Parrott has her PhD in Organizational Leadership. She is a data geek and a brilliant leadership and diversity consultant. Her knowledge is grounded with real world experience. She developed groundbreaking programs at Amazon, after learning to lead as a US Marine Captain.

In 2013, Dr. Lisa was named on the Civilian Jobs Military Top 40 Under 40. She is an advisory board member for two companies and presents to numerous organizations where she brings passion, innovation, and transformation.

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Amy Leslie

Amy has 20 years of experience building, turning around, and leading teams, with P&L responsibility. Her experience in the trenches of leadership spans all sizes of companies, from small start-up firms to large, well-established Fortune 500 companies.

Amy is CEO of Perspective Consulting, a woman-owned Certified Partner of the Predictive Index. She serves on several boards, where she is a passionate force accelerating women in business.

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